Access Control and Electric Fence

Premiertechgh Access Control and Electric Fence

Access Control technology has evolved exponentially over the last few years, providing end users with solutions and analytics to restrict, control, and monitor access to property, facilities, and secure, sensitive or restricted areas of your business. Through well-established partnerships, Premier Tech Security provides integrated access control solutions that are custom engineered to meet our clients’ unique access control requirements. Our Security System Engineers have the necessary experience, product understanding, and manufacturer training to work collaboratively with our clients to customize and engineer an access control system to meet their access control objectives.

Premier Tech Security is a provider and integrator of Gate Automation and Parking Control Solutions. We design traffic control, access, and monitoring systems to facilitate the management of controlled entry and exit of vehicles, tracking and identification of vehicles, and providing a secure environment for vehicle parking or facility operations. Our dynamic systems help to enhance security measures, increase vehicle throughput, and reduces the number of personnel required at access control points. Our gate automation and parking control systems are customized and can be integrated with other security systems to provide a comprehensive all encompassing facility or enterprise wide security solution.

We also have a wide coverage of this solution available, including the following:

Biometric – Fingerprint Readers (access control and time-and-attendance) which is operational with or without software

RFID-Proximity Card Readers (access control and time-and-attendance) which is also operational with or without software

Keypad-Basic Access Control via codes

Intercom systems with and without video confirmation

Various locking mechanisms including magnetic and solenoid technologies

Electric Fencing system is also one of our access control system. Our electric fences are monitored by GSM transmitters allowing us and the client to monitor activities of the fence such as intrusion due to cut wires and shorted cables.  A back-up battery is supplied in the energizer to keep the electric fence securing your premise for up to 24 hours when the system is well maintained.

These systems outweigh the razor wire technology second-to-none due to the efficiency and ability of being monitored.  It offers both physical and visible deterrent and can protect not just lives but property within the fence, such as generators, gas canisters and AC units.